MSXdev22 #29 The Tower Of Gold

Title: The Tower Of Gold
Genre: adventure
Author(s): Kirem
Medium: DSK 720KB
Hardware requirements: MSX1, FDD

A tower, 50 stories high, hosts a load of baddies that have nothing but bad intentions. Reigned by their ruler, a wizard called Bercy, they will do anything to stop you from climbing the tower. There might be gold at the end of the journey, but no-one really knows.

In this adventure you enter the Tower Of Gold and defeat any possible enemy. Use collected objects and spells to progress. Engaging the enemies swings to a turn-based fight with typical attack, magic, and defend options. During your journey you gain experience and are able to upgrade your skills and stats. Make it to floor 50, kill Bercy and be done with it.

This MSX1 game has the option to save you progress to disk. There’s only one save slot, however.

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