MSXdev22 #25 My Sacred Place

Title: Sacred Place
Genre: Action, strategy, RPG
Author(s): Mario Cavalcanti
Medium: ROM 48KB
Hardware requirements: MSX1 16KB RAM

The game My Sacred Place is an action strategy RPG in which you have to protect your village’s garden from the clutches of the fearsome Garks. It’s an MSX1 compatible game by Mario Cavalcanti from Brazil.

At night, when it’s dark and shadows disappear, the world changes into a dangerous place luring many demons in. Submitting to that lure will easily result in a quick death for the untrained. But to kung-fu fighter Yu Tao, the dark is very appealing, as it’s a good opportunity to show off his mad skills. Yu Tao is fast as lightning. In fact, it’s a little bit frightening. The world is his dojo and his chopping game is on.

When demons appear after sun-set, Yu Tao is the sole protector of the sacred village garden. What happens to the garden, happens to Yu Tao, so make sure he gets rid of them nasty Garks. Garks are terrifying fire-red furry demons that love to eat veggies. While chewing stuff up is their game, it’s ginger root that scares them.

During the day time, Yu Tao needs training to earn money for protective ginger and offensive silver daggers. Armed with just that and some deadly fists, Yu Tao is ready when night falls. With the help of Aris the Witch and Isao the sage, and of course those mad fighting skills, he might fulfill his destiny after all.

The colour palette of My Sacred Place is optimized on MSX2 (or higher) computers, and can be played either with a keyboard or a joystick.

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