MSXdev22 #24 Sacred Valley

Title: Sacred Valley
Genre: Action, platform
Author(s): Visualedu, Bitcaffe
Medium: ROM 64KB
Hardware requirements: MSX1, 16KB RAM

In the action adventure platform game Secret Valley you are Sayri, brother of the king. During a coup you, the king and queen, are tossed into the deep abys called Sacred Valley. Bruised and battered from the fall, your only goal is revenge. For that, you need to climb out of the pit first.

Find the lost souls, hide in the caverns, kill those beasts, collect items to progress and explore the valley for an exit. Every time you find a new item, you will also get a code that serves as a password. Enter the code in the intro screen to continue your journey at any point.

With a shifting day- and night game engine, you are treated with both colorful as monochrome soft scrolling screens. Together with environmental changing music and an in-game storytelling, you’ll be in for an indulging adventure. To sum it up – it’s a classic type of platform action, but with several twists and unique features.

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