MSXdev22 #19 $ales Discontinued

Title: Sales Discontinued
Genre: Click & point adventure
Author(s): NOP
Medium: DSK
Hardware requirements: MSX2,512KB RAM,128KB VRAM,OPL4,DOS2,FAT16,Mouse

The Dutch group NOP enters the dev show with their point-and-click graphic adventure called Sales Discontinued. A game that makes use of MSX hardware extensions, such as the OPL4 sound cartridge. A rather unique game, for a unique system.

With the Freestyle edition of MSXdev, it is no surprise that we’d see games with extraordinary hardware requirements. This latest submitted game is good proof of that. Making use of MSX2 with a minimum of 512K of RAM, DOS2, a hard-disk with FAT16 and OPL4, this might as well be the largest piece of MSX software in history. Or at least in MSXdev history.

This hardware requirements may not be available for everyone, but luckily, we have the openMSX as the ultimate MSX emulator for modern computers. The author has provided a fully working HDD image with a dedicated loader for this emulator.

In Sales Discontinued, you are the poor sap that needs to go door-to-door, selling products for a living. What happens next is up to you to find out.

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Downloads and updates

Due to the size of this game, you can grab a copy directly at NOP’s website, right here:

Play online at The File-Hunter