MSXdev22 #18 Muhonmourn 3

Title: Muhonmourn 3
Genre: Action
Author(s): hoge1e3
Medium: DSK 720KB
Hardware requirements: MSX1, 32KB, FDD

This latest dev-entry, dubbed Muhonmourn 3, is the MSX version of a game series created by Japanese developer hoge1e3. The gist of it is – in a play-field with 3 other contestants, you are to conquer as much ground as you can, and the player with the most covered ground wins, Yes, that means it’s multiplayer, so if you needed an incentive to (gently, ofcourse) hustle friends and family for some cozy living room fun, here’s your chance!

Muhonmourn is a series of HTML games, of which this third edition is the exclusive Z80 MSXdev rendition. It basically functions as a feasibility test of a game engine called reTrONew, by the developer himself. It is a means to develop MSX games with a syntax that resembles JavaScript-like OOP and pseudo-parallel programming.

Let’s get back to the game itself, shall we? So – with four players in the play field, your one objective is to paint more tiles than the other players, within a time limit of 60 seconds. Fast reflexes are needed to dodge enemy attacks, as well as a good portion of wit to outsmart them. Grab the appearing equal-colored ball to increase painting area and use it to delay the opponents.

At the title screen of Muhonmourn 3 you can select your players. This is no luxury and actually with reason, because this game can be played with three players at once, using keyboard and 2 joysticks. If you have no friends or family to play with, because they’re probably playing COD on their smartphones, the almighty MSX CPU will be in control of your opponents, so beware.

The author noted that the game was made with NTSC in mind.

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