MSXdev22 #17 SpaceCat

Title: SpaceCat
Genre: Platformer, lander
Author(s): Platty Soft
Medium: ROM 256KB
Hardware requirements: MSX1

From Platty Soft, the author of the book Modern MSX Basic Game Development, we received this brand new MSXdev22 entry. Originally released for Android phones way back in 2014, the author recreated the game for MSX1. It combines gameplay aspects of lander- as well as platform games, with accessible gameplay, and also features very cute and colorful graphics. All this makes this release serve as a fine demonstration of what a modern MSX Basic game can be like.

A lot of people like cats, and a great number among those even love them. So naturally, it’s only logical that quite some contributors to MSXdev, throughout the years, would be bound to be a card-carrying member of the league of furry fiend friends.
To name a few examples, there was Imanok’s Stray Cat, ray2day’s Litterbox, and ofcourse Landing by Z80 Epoch. To add to that list, we introduce SpaceCat.

In SpaceCat, you are a new student at the SpaceCat academy. Because, you see, in the year 3122, humankind has conquered space and has taken their favorite pets with them, which would ofcourse be cats. All this for a good reason – namely to hunt mice, as space is infested with those dirty rodents.Make it through the training deck, and you will be rewarded with an official certificate. With that, you can go into space as a SpaceCat pilot.

The gameplay and controls are fairy straight forward. Use the cursor keys to maneuver the cat’s flying saucer through space, catch the mice, and land safely on the next platform. Easy, right? Wrong! You’ll be screaming in frustration after failing again, and again. After all this is a training course. Don’t give up, you’ll get there… eventually.

If you’re enjoying this MSXdev game, why not consider donating to the prize money or sponsor the winners loot box by submitting a physical reward? 100% of the donations will go to the developers.

Downloads and updates

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