MSXdev22 #16 Bufonada

Title: Bufonada
Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
Author(s): Roolandoo
Medium: ROM 48KB
Hardware requirements: MSX1, 16KB RAM

Roolandoo, the creator of S.O.L.O. from last year’s MSXdev edition, performs an impressive hat-trick with Bufonada. A medieval adventure set in the kingdom of Kimeria, a nation stricken by a curse which casts eternal night over the land. Needless to mention that exciting mysteries to unravel are afoot.

Say! Did you ever wonder and ponder about what your spirit animal would be? Something awesome and cool like, let’s say, a fire-breathing dragon, or a ferocious tiger, or maybe a penguin that can run at a top speed of 30 miles per hour? Come to think of it – maybe it’s not ours to pick ‘n’ choose what spirit animal was assigned to us by the gods, or whichever force balances and regulates life throughout the universe.

This bordeline existential sidetrip leads us to this year’s #16 entry. Because as for spirit animals, the protagonist of this game wasn’t very lucky. Even he, himself, expresses severe disappointment for it being… a goat. Yes, that’s right, a goat.

In this platformer, you’re to switch characters in order to exploit their typical perks. Both have their unique abilities as well as weaknesses, which the player will have to utilize in tandem in order to solve the obstacles that the game has to offer. So to say, a type of puzzle game that reminds of classics such as Lost Vikings or Gobliiins.

As the world in which this title takes place is ridden with the spell of “Eternal Night”, an artistic choice has been made by the author, to ensure a feeling of deep, perpetual darkness.

This MSX1 game comes in both English and Spanish language versions, as well as the accompanying manuals, which is a nice feat. On top of that, running it on MSX2 provides for an optimized color palette.

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