MSXdev22 #15 Memory

Title: Memory
Genre: Puzzle
Author(s): Jipe MSXvillage
Medium: ROM/DSK 128KB/360KB
Hardware requirements: MSX2, FDD (optional)

A multiplayer game by Jipe, Memory for MSX2 challenges you to match identical images in a field of cards displaying different images.

Perhaps the most basic game for young and old, is the game Memory – also known as Concentration Card Game or Matching Game. It’s as simple as matching all the pairs of identical cards. It requires you to remember the location of cards you’ve seen earlier. For MSXdev22, French-man Jipe recreated this game on the MSX2.

The game features an easy and a hard mode and can be played with either keyboard or joystick/gamepad. Maneuver the cursor over the playfield, then use space or fire to select two cards. When they’re identical, you score a point. The game is presented on both disk and ROM, so you can choose your preferred format.

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Downloads and updates

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