MSXdev22 #13 Automania

Title: Automania
Genre: Arcade, platformer
Author(s): Fregarni
Medium: ROM 128KB
Hardware requirements: MSX1, 64KB RAM

For this year’s edition of the contest, Spanish developer Fregarni crafted a huge update upon a classic title. Compared to the originals, this port features drastic improvements in both graphics and sound.

To be precise, it’s a re-imagining of a game called Automania, also known as Manic Mechanic. Among C64 and ZX Spectrum users, it was a well-known 80s platformer by Mikro-Gen. It’s part of their Wally Week series, that spans 5 titles in total.

In the game, you take on the role of Wally, a blue-collar worker who’s employed at a car factory. As ordered by an abusive boss, you’re to build a total of 10 different cars. In order to do so, find the 6 car parts in each level and assemble those in the correct order. However, your task isn’t as easy, or even hazard-free as that may sound!

To begin with, the gangplanks in the warehouse are constantly moving, creating gaps to jump over, at your risk of a dangerous fall. Also, stationary objects scattered around the screen will cost you a life. On top of that, poor honest and hard-working Wally will be pestered by perilous objects, which wouldn’t normally be animate and this unhealthy for you in any working place. Think of wheels that roll from left to right, falling cross keys and the particularly unpredictable wheel barrow.

Good luck Wally; you’re gonna need it.

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