MSXdev22 sponsoring – Angelic Warrior DEVA

The MSX2 game Angelic Warrior DEVA – sponsored by team DEVA

Super hero action game DEVA digital ends-up in the Winners Loot-Box.

Go full throttle with the action platform game Angelic Warrior DEVA, an original modern-made MSX2 game. The game was released as physical ROM cartridge in 2020 and as a digital version in 2022. This digital version found its way into the MSXdev22 Winners Loot-Box for the true dev-warrior.

For those who don’t know about the game – it’s a fast paced action platform game with adventure and RPG elements. If you’re into Psycho World or Valis 2, you’ll love DEVA. You’re to navigate elaborate set-pieces and fend off a wide range of foes with varying attack patterns. These enemies will drop jewels, which you can trade in shops in order to expand your magic powers (offensive as well as defensive).

The game itself showcases quite the technical feats, graphic-wise, as it includes parallax scrolling paired with colorful and animated backdrops. Also, it offers a lengthy as well as varied soundtrack. Furthermore, it has a built-in save-game option allowing you to save progress.

All in all, there’s enough to enjoy, so we salute Team DEVA for their gift to our beloved contest. They sponsored dev22 with 2 digital copies of Angelic Warrior DEVA.

To get a copy of Angelic Warrior DEVA yourself, contact Team DEVA by e-mail. For €15,00 the game is yours to enjoy. It’s worth it.