MSXdev22 #10 Mine Finder

Title: Mine Finder
Genre: Puzzle
Author(s): Paolo Fabrizio Pugno
Medium: ROM 16K
Hardware requirements: MSX1, 16KB RAM

In the game Mine Finder you’ll step into a deserted post-war area littered with land mines. Your objective is to clean out the field without setting off any of those mines. Truly a game that keeps you on edge!

The idea is to figure out the location of the mines through smart thinking and deduction. Click on the numbers and eliminate the places where at least you won’t be blown to bits. But watch out, as a single mistake will be fatal!

The inspiration for this entry, Minesweeper, originates way back from the 1960s and has enjoyed many ports. The game was even once featured in the standard Windows pack for PCs, as well as a built-in app on mobile phones. Because of this, it may be so that you recognize this kind of game. The big and most important difference is that finally, we can enjoy this classic title on our MSX, in a very polished fashion, with fun animations and some swingin’ intro music to boot!

Another nice touch is that, depending on the machine on which it is played, the language will default to either English or Brazilian Portuguese. When desired to invert this configuration, just hold down the HOME key during the start-up sequence.

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