MSXdev22 #09 Mix

  • Title: Mix
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Author(s): Uninteresting
  • Medium: ROM 16K
  • Hardware requirements: MSX1, 16KB RAM

The game Mix is a tribute to the original game called Qix, by Taito 1981. This arcade game keeps you on edge, literally. With the right amount of wit and cleverness, you might outrun your opponents while claiming space. The author Uninteresting is no stranger to the dev show and delivers yet another classic style MSX title.

With your marker you claim areas in the playfield by drawing and joining lines. Your opponents will try and stop you from doing that, as good opponents do. The tracers, who ride the outer rim, hunt you down and destroy you by their tough. The playfield itself is guarded by the big green monster that seeks to destroy your work-in-progress; when they touch an unfinished line, you’re done for. Same goes for the timer; if it runs out, you’re exit.

Your marker moves on the edges of open areas, as do the tracers. Claim space in the open playfield and seal off parts until you reach the needed percentage. Cordon off pieces enough to advance to the next scene. There’s points to score by playing cleverly.

Control your markers with keyboard or joystick around the borders, when ready to claim space, press fire and push away from the edge. Finish a box and increase your percentage claimed. Once you draw, you can’t return over that border until it’s finished. Keep that timer at the bottom of the screen in check while you plan your next move.

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