MSXdev22 #08 Randoom

Title: Randoom
Genre: Arcade
Author(s): RoboSoft Inc.
Medium: ROM 32KB
Hardware requirements: MSX2, 16KB RAM

When blocks do crimes, they end up behind bars. Or atleast they should. It’s your job to make that happen. This is the second game submitted by ToriHino under the Robosoft Inc flag. A true MSX arcade title that’ll test your nerves.

Randoom is an MSX2 remake of the original game created for the C64. The objective sounds easy: put all offensive cubes in jail and be done. Away with them bastard squares! But there’s a catch, you need to get’em in the correct order as marked on the right side of the screen. Points for every arrested troublemaker.

Capturing that next baddie can be troublesome as others frequently block your way. Yes, those smart cubes seem to work together, somehow. Capturing blockheads within a short time gives a combo bonus. There’s a giant heap of 25 levels to master. Good luck with that.

Use keyboard or joystick in port 1. Move in all directions, jump with space/fire button.

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Downloads and updates

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