MSXdev22 #07 Blastoid

  • Title: Blastoid
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Author(s): Ludogix ltd
  • Medium: ROM 32KB
  • Hardware requirements: MSX1

Tank vs Echinoderms, they’re extinct for a reason. Blastoid is a riff on a 1978 arcade game called Blasto from Gremlin Graphics.

Travelling back into deep geological time in your time machine tank, you want to bully those spiky skinned Echinoderms into oblivion. You’ll take them all out, sand dollars, sea urchins, starfish… but for some strange reason you really have it in for those blastoids. You’re a madman enough to say that five fold radial symmetry deserves an explosive shell right into their ambulacra. They’re not going to survive the Permian extinctions. Come on Psycho, blow them out of the water. Wipe them from Planet Earth.

Blastoid requires an MSX1 or later and is a 32Kb ROM image. Use keyboard or joystick to play.

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Downloads and updates

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