MSXdev22 #06 Cryptogram – Anagrams Crosswords

  • Title: Cryptogram – Anagrams Crosswords
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Author(s): Amaury Carvalho
  • Medium: ROM 48K
  • Hardware requirements: MSX1, 16KB RAM

Cryptogram is a letter arrangement game where the main goal is to form the right words out of given letters randomly arranged into a crossword-style grid. The game comes in three languages.

Resolve the anagram(s) into the right word as fast as you can and with as few changes as possible and advance to the next level. This word puzzle is about making the right choices within a time-limit. Be efficient and quick and you might make it.

This is a multi-lingual game with 200 word entries for each language set. Each level adds more words to the grid and the time/change counter is reset at the level beginning. There are on-screen hints of how many letters are correct in the grid and in each row as well.

This is an MSX1 compatible single player game and can be played by keyboard or joystick.

update v1.1 has Italian, French and Dutch banks added, undo (BS) and mute (M) support, and some minor bug fixes.

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Downloads and updates

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