MSXdev22 #04 Defence

  • Title: Defence
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Author(s): GameCast Entertainment
  • Medium: ROM 32KB
  • Hardware requirements: MSX1, 16KB RAM

If you’re into Space Invaders or Galaga, some of the most classic video games ever, you’re going to like this dev entry. Submitted by MSXdev regular GameCast Entertainment from Italy, the game Defence lets you defend your space base with a hypersonic gun blazing space ship.

When aliens invade your space, what do you do? Exactly, you take out your biggest cannon and blast those invaders to smithereens first, and ask questions later. Granted – they don’t come in peace, but they damn sure will leave in pieces! Take your space ship and maneuver it around your base, to shoot incoming celestial baddies while avoiding their return fire. But be careful, as death is just one bomb away.

With 5 lives per game you should be able to beat the perfect sore. For each yellow alien that you drop, 200 points are awarded. For each blue alien 100. Shoot up to 10000 points to get an extra life.

Use keyboard or joystick to play. The included manual comes in both English and Italian language.

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Downloads and updates

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