MSXdev22 #02 WÖRD

  • Title: WÖRD
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Author(s): Patrik’s Retro Tech
  • Medium: ROM 32KB
  • Hardware requirements: MSX1, 16KB RAM

Word-up! It’s the MSX version of the popular online game Wordle. Guess the five letter word in six tries in this classic MSX1 style puzzle game.

Patrik’s Retro Tech surprises us with a word guessing game that’s issued in not one, not two, but four different languages! The game can be played in English, Spanish, Dutch and Swedish by selecting one of the four the ROM files included in the download.

Test your vocabulary as well as your knowledge abroad with this colorful brain trainer. The game may contain inappropriate or offensive words that is not suitable for children.


  • Keyboard: letters can be typed on a keyboard and the guess is submitted with Enter. Or move the cursor over the virtual keyboard
  • Joystick: move the cursor on the virtual keyboard. After six guesses press space/fire to see the correct answer on the last line.
  • ESC: give up and start over.

If you’re enjoying this MSXdev game, why not consider donating to the prize money or sponsor the winners loot box by submitting a physical reward? 100% of the donations will go to the developers.

Downloads and updates

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