MSXdev22 sponsoring – Côté Gamers

A bunch of neat stuff – sponsored by Côté Gamers

The Winners Loot Box expands with multiple items from the French Video Game shop Côté Gamers.

The French retro computer shop Côté Gamers is a bustling business, as they provide lots of interesting videogame related items through their online shop. They sell games, books, cards, music, and other retro computer finesse. Ofcourse, amongst all those products they sell MSX bits as well. Good news, the shop is giving away multiple items for MSXdev winners.

Here’s what they’re offering:

  • 1x Book “Lucas Arts – The Chronicles: 1982-2013” (Eng) – Whether you are a fan of Star Wars, point & click, or even video games as a whole, it seems impossible not to know LucasArts, even if only by name! Côté Gamers offers you an ambitious project with LucasArts: The Chronicles
  • 1x Book “Fan book vol.1 – Zelda (The legend off)” (Eng) – this first volume of the Fan Book collection looks back at one of the greatest classics of video games: The Legend Of Zelda on NES/ Famicom, as well as its “remake” on Super Nintendo Satellaview: BS The Legend Of Zelda
  • 1x MSX game cartridge “S.O.L.O.” – Any MSXdev regular would recognize this game by Angel Colaso, as it was the runner-up of MSXdev21. Comes with a full-color big box containing a physical copy of the game, a full-color manual, and as a bonus, 15 postcards with MSX cult games on both sides
  • 1x MSX game cartridge “La Reliquia (the Relic)” – Another great MSX game by Angel Colaso. And, as with S.O.L.O., this physical MSX game cartridge also comes in a full color big box, complete with manual
  • 1x a game of your choice from the Colecovision games collection (with the exclusion of “Donuts Man”)
  • 3x CD “Alice Dream Tournaments – Original Soundtrack” – The Original Soundtrack of the Dreamcast game “Alice Dreams Tournament” packs 27 tracks. An 8 pages booklet is included. The OST itself is Shrink-wrapped

We can only stand in awe and utter the word: AWESOME!

For anyone interested in video game related items, go and have a look at Côté Gamers online shop. It’s packed to the brim with good stuff.