MSXdev22 – Free Style Kicks off

Official MSXdev22 logo

It is with great thrill that we announce the 18th edition of MSXdev to be open for entries! MSXdev22 is on, yes sir! This rendition of the long running game compo accepts all MSX software in “Free Style format”. For guts and for glory, you are welcome to join.

The annual MSXdev game compo ain’t no stranger to MSX regulars. It has been running steadily since 2003 and dropped a ton of fresh works of video gaming right into the worldwide MSX scene. As last year’s edition had the Classic Style format, this year’s boundaries are basically non-existent with the Free Style format.

Yes, that means – anything goes, as long as it’s original MSX software.

To find out about MSXdev22, what we expect, how to enter, how scoring works, and what’s in it for you, visit the dedicated MSXdev22 page. All submitted games are considered freeware. They will become available for download at the official MSXdev web site, and available to play online at The File Hunter.

Good luck and enjoy the show!

Donating and sponsoring

A contest wouldn’t be complete without any prices to win. As always, there are no set prices as MSXdev depends on donations and donors. Anybody willing to chime in, can donate a small amount of coins. From this budget, the prize money will be divided.

Furthermore, MSXdev accepts sponsors to add prizes to the list. These can be software, hardware, subscriptions to magazines, t-shirts… you name it. Sponsored items end up in the Winners Loot Box, where winners starting from first place, can choose an item of choice.

If you’re interested in sponsoring the contest in any way, please contact the team.

And there you have it, the new edition of MSXdev is on!