MSXdev21 sponsoring – MSXblog t-shirt

shirts ya’ll! MSXblog t-shirt – sponsored by José Andrés (Konamito) from MSXblog

The Winners Loot Box got dressed up with shirts

Be proud, stand tall, and wear MSX t-shirts. Any winner of MSXdev can now sport one of those thanks to MSXblog’s sponsoring. This gift comes from a familiair person, as he’s none other than one of the former organizers of this fine little contest.

As a boy that got super exited when his dad brought home a computer keyboard and so got to touch one for the very first time, Konamito developed a deep love for MSX computers. When years later, that boy grew up to be a man, he shared his love by writing about it. And yet today, Konamito still touches keyboards and writes about MSX and everything related on his home page.

When writing is not enough, t-shirts might be a good addition to spread the word. From MSXblog we get 3 t-shirts to put on any MSXdev21 winner, any size they want. We stored them, nicely ironed and folded, into the Winners Loot Box.