MSXdev21 Enrollment Closed – Jury Time

Look at all those custom made MSXdev21 game covers from Hamlet, isn’t that just awesome!

We made it! – MSXdev21’s deadline has passed, resulting in 34 new MSX1 games on the shelf.

Ever since MSXdev21 was announced, back in January, it was clear that this year’s edition of the long running compo was going to be a grand show. It turned out to be exactly that. With a record amount of 34 games submitted, the MSXdev21 ride has proven to be an excellent one. However – buckle up, because we’re not done yet!

As the deadline for enrollment (August 31th) has passed, it is time for the jury panel to judge all of the submitted games. Not an easy task with a banging amount of 34 new MSX games freshly delivered at this year’s dev edition. All entries get the inspection treatment and will be rated on several aspects of the game. We might have a winner in just a few weeks.

The assembled jury panel has the honored duty of playing, judging, and rating all of those fresh MSX games. From the 34 enrolled games, 32 have passed the requirements test. Starting from September 1st, their job is to find out which entry is this year’s winner. And of course, to have a jolly good time playing the dev games. The jury team will test every game on the specified hardware and give a full written report on their impressions.

We expect that four to six weeks will be sufficient enough for the panel to cast an ordeal; with such a huge games list this deadline might be stretched a bit. We will keep you informed about the process. If anything goes according to plan, we’ll have the results announced in October.

For more information, submitted games, sponsored items and more about MSXdev21, check the dedicated web page

Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy all of those new titles!