MSXdev21 #32 – No Back Down

No Back Down 1.0

  • Heading MSXdev21 #32 – No Back Down
  • Title: No Back Down
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Author: SoCal
  • ROM size: 64KB (ASCII8)
  • Registered: 20210830

Once you ascend, you can’t go back! Climb huge towering buildings with caution in this vertical scrolling arcade by game studio SoCal (Vincent, Sylvian, Cedric).

Nobody likes punks that are trying to climb the building they live in, especially punks that get chased by the local police. Most people’d figure that they must have done something stupid other than disturbing residents, perhaps. So, both residents as well as construction workers retaliate and try to stop the bastard by throwing stuff out of their window.

If everything but the kitchen sink being dropped down doesn’t scare you, go ahead and climb Forrest, climb! Try reaching the top of the enormous building and escape jail time. Hope you’re not afraid of heights!

Note for BlueMSX users: this ROM uses the ASCII 8 mapper configuration. BlueMSX doesn’t recognize it, so assign it manually when loading the ROM file.

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