MSXdev21 sponsoring – BaDCaT Wifi Modem

A BaDCat Wifi modem – sponsored by Andrés Ortiz

Wireless Fidelity at the Winners Loot Box

Connecting your MSX machine wireless to the net with BaDCaT, a hardware unit provided by Andrés Ortiz (BaDCaT electronics). Sounds good, right? Well, this fine piece of work has now been added to the loot box.

Why use cables while we can connect machines wirelessly? In modern day computing, cables are a vanishing commodity. So, why not lead MSX into this brave new world as well? Andrés Ortiz made a solution to facilitate this in an MSX friendly format; a small external cartridge. BaDCaT is a WiFi modem to connect MSX to the Internet. Did we mention, wireless?

The unit is compatible with any standard MSX system, but has a richer feature set if used on MSX2 or higher machines. Besides a wireless connection, it also features a serial port connection. The unit has the option to run a Telnet client on the cartridge itself. The firmware is upgradable thanks to flash memory. To add to that, BaDCaT allows to have a local filesystem to store ROM files, for example. With that, files can be downloaded from the web directly to this internal storage and be executed from there.

The BaDCaT Wifi Modem makes a great addition to the Winners Loot Box of this year’s dev edition. The BaDCaT Wifi Modem is available for any one interested in connecting MSX to the internet by visiting the BaDCaT Electronics web site.