MSXdev21 sponsoring – Tere-Kinesis

Tere-Kinesis game cartridge – sponsored by Physical Dreams

Tere-Kinesis delivers power of the mind to the Winners Loot Box

The new Physical Dreams game, called “Tere-Kinesis” is all about mind control to move objects, and it’s here in the loot box. Tere-Kinesis is a physical cartridge ROM compatible with MSX1, 48KRAM, PSG systems. 

Tere-Kinesis is a brand new, original puzzle adventure with the same quality as earlier Physical Dreams game releases. In this new quest, you’ll have to pass the mind power tests that your instructor gives you: moving objects with mental power. A dazzling trip of puzzling with smooth and precise control through 20 levels of various difficulty.
On top of that, it’s compatible with any MSX machine!

The game is offered to any winner by the author himself, Jose Luis Salguero – alias Physical Dreams. For any one interested in buying this gorgeous looking game, e-mail Physical Dreams to get your copy.