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The Eight Bit Magazine ends up in the Winners Loot Box

Eight Bit Magazine is a magazine for collectors and users of 8-bit computers. All 8-bit computers are covered – from the ultra rare to popular computers like the MSX system.

A high quality printed A5 full color retro computer magazine full of every thing we love about 8-bit machines. It is crammed with articles, reviews, interviews, gaming, old and new hardware, and much more about machines like Amstrad, Atari, BBC Micro, Commodore, Nintendo, Sega, Sinclair, and of course our beloved MSX. Written passionately by people who love the old computers like we do.

And right here at MSXdev21, there’s a change to win a subscription to Eight Bit Magazine for 12 issues. Just come and get it!

The 12 issue subscription for Eight Bit Magazine was kindly sponsored by Retro Format.