MSXdev21 sponsoring – Blast Annual 2020 volume 2

Blast Annual 2020 vol2- sponsored by George Bachaelor.

The Winners Loot Box just got filled up with pages of retro computer game reviews

Blast Annual 2020 vol2 is retro gaming awesomeness in a printed book with over 200 pages! Including MSX coverage. There are 3 print-editions to win. Plus, there is a digital edition for every participant of MSXdev21.

Blast Annual is a high quality publication covering dozens of retro systems. The colorful design presents you loads of game reviews for your favorite 8- and 16-bit machines, interesting articles on coding, game development contests, developer interviews, retro community events, demo parties, do it yourself projects and so much more from 2019/2020.

It showcases more than 90 game reviews across Amstrad CPC, Atari 2600, Amiga, NES, SMS, BBC, C64, Plus 4, ZX Spectrum, and naturally MSX computers. Blast Annual 2020#2 has dedicated MSXdev pages as well, covering the ’18 edition of the compo.

For every participant, a digital copy of Blast Annual 2020 vol2 is available. And no less than three (3) printed editions are put in the Winners Loot Box as well. The Blast Annual 2020 vol2 series are sponsored by the author himself. Thank you very much, sir!

If you’re interested in this brilliant piece of work yourself, go and visit the official Blast Annual site or the Protovision Shop and order your copy.