MSXdev21 sponsoring – 8-Bit Annual

Eight Bit Annual 2021- sponsored by Retro Format (yes the picture is showing the 2020 edition)

The 8-Bit Annual 2021 sneaks its way into the Winners Loot Box

Eight Bit Magazine is a magazine for collectors and users of 8-bit computers. Every year, the magazine gets complemented with an annual print where ; The 8-Bit Annual 2021 is a compilation of all issues from the year 2021. And it is here in for any MSXdev21 winner to pick up.

The retro/8-bit annual full color, hardback, professional print, contains 8-bit computer candy as presented in the 8-bit magazines from that year. Loaded with nothing but retro machine stories, including our beloved MSX system. A real collectors item for all of us 8-bit geeks around the world.

The 2021 edition of this English written paper print is due December 2021 and a fresh copy will be delivered to the lucky MSXdev21 winner that picked it from the loot box.

Eight Bit Annual 2021 is a Winners Loot Box item sponsored by Retro Format. If you can’t get enough of anything 8-bit, jump over to their store and get your own copy.