MSXdev21 sponsoring – Neotron YM2610 soundcard

The Neogeo OPN soundcard for MSX – sponsored by Supersoniqs

What’s new in the Winners Loot Box is called Neotron.

The Neotron OPN soundcard fills the gap between the existing OPL and OPM range of sound cards. Neotron contains the YM2610 OPNB sound chip, found in Neo Geo MVS and AVS systems and a lot of Sega and Taito based arcade titles. Since the YM2610 is an evolution of earlier Yamaha OPN sound chips, VGMPlay also supports replaying those vgm files.

The YM2610 chip has 15(!) sound channels:

  • Four FM channels, four operators per separate channel
  • Three SSG channels, compatible with MSX 
  • One programmable noise channel
  • ADPCM-A: Six ADPCM channels, fixed pitch, 18.5 kHz sample rate at 12-bit from 4-bit data
  • ADPCM-B: One ADPCM channel, variable pitch, 18.5–55.5 kHz sample rate
  • Two interval timers
  • A low frequency oscillator (LFO)

Hear the thing in action on the YouTube channel of ToughkidCST MSX World. Neotron comes with an transparent black Overrich case (included).

The Neotron was added to the Winners Loot Box by Supersoniqs. Please visit the Supersoniqs web shop for more information on their products.