MSXdev21 sponsoring – Modulon slot expander

Modulon slot expander – sponsored by Supersoniqs

The Winners Loot Box just got expanded by Modulon , the MSX external slot expander.

Modulon is a stackable MSX slot expander with 3D printed casing and volume controls. It allows more external extensions to be connected to your machine. A modern piece of hardware kindly donated by Supersoniqs.

With all the external hardware extensions and game cartridges, the default two external cart slots on any MSX just fails short. More possibilities for input are dearly needed. Enter Modulon, which expands one slot into four subslots. Capable of housing all your hardware together, from GFX9000 to Music Module to your favorite Konami SCC cartridge.

Modulon has the following features:

  • Works with the PlaySoniq
  • Has it own 3.57 Mhz crystal clock to support (audio)cartridges in overclocked systems2
  • Can be stacked with additional Modulons for extra slots. The second expander (and up) can be used as a I/O expander
  • 3D Printed enclosure
  • Supports an external AC Adapter: the one that is recommended is P.SUP.EU1000
  • Uses standard components for future modifications or repairs
  • The three top slots are on/off switchable
  • Compact design
  • Gold plated contacts
  • Has separate volume adjusters for all four slots.

What more can you say about a slot expander, a device type which, for years, has already proven to be a very valuable item for MSX users.

This item was added to the Winners Loot Box by Supersoniqs; a great gesture. Please visit the Supersoniqs web shop for more information on their products.