MSXdev21 sponsoring – DIY Omega MSX computer boards

Omega MSX home computer DIY boards – sponsored by MsxMakers.

Entering the Winners Lootbox is a set of boards to create Omega, a new MSX2 compatible computer

From the MsxMakers, the MSX compatible computer called Omega is added to the Winners Loot box of MSXdev21. The boards, created by Sergey Kiselev, is a DIY kit to make a machine compatible with the second generation of MSX computers.

The Omega’s architecture is based on a Z80 chip and other components mounted on a main board. This board fits nicely underneath a common keyboard to create a compact machine reminiscent of the layout used for many original MSX machines. The Omega plates are a base set to assemble your own computer from scratch. A unique item for any handyman with soldering skills.

The main features of Omega are as follows:

  • Zilog Z80 CPU (CMOS version Z84C00) at 3.58MHz
  • 512KB S-RAM, expandable up to 4MB using an additional board
  • 256KB or 512KB FlashROM
  • Yamaha V9939 or Yamaha V9959 video chip with 128KB VRAM
  • composite, S-Video and RGB video outputs
  • a PSG Yamaha YM2149 or General Instrument AY-3-8910
  • 2 MSX-compatible cartridge slots
  • joystick, printer and tape player interfaces

This item was added to the Winners Loot Box by MsxMakers. The sponsored set includes a bare mainboard and keyboard PCB.

For more information of the Omega project, just visit the dedicated Github page, and the MSXmaker‘s extended documentation page. Happy soldering!