MSXdev21 #12 – Arm Wrestler

  • Title: Arm Wrestler
  • Genre: Sport Simulator
  • Author: SKSOFT
  • ROM size: 16KB
  • Registered: 20210506

This sport sim is the classic arm wrestling match where two strong individuals test each others arm-strength. In this single player game you wrestle against the CPU.

There are two progress bars showing how far each opponent is to winning the arm wrestle match. The player wins the match when their progress bar reaches the bottom. For every win, a boxed letter “L” appears. The match gets more difficult with each passing level and requires better reflexes and more rapid correct button presses by the player. It gets significantly harder past level 7.

Use the Z and X keys to push against your opponent’s arm. Press Z while your progress bar is highlighted red, and press X when it is purple. Pressing the wrong button advances the opponent’s progress.

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