MSXdev21 #8 – Market Master

  • Title: Market Master
  • Genre: Action
  • Author: Amaury Carvalho
  • ROM size: 32KB
  • Registered: 20210422

For those of us who aren’t entrepreneurs, this new entry offers you the opportunity to experience the thrill of undertaking a business. Market Master is a spinning plates style game written in MSX Basic and compiled using MSXBAS2ROM compiler by Amaury Carvalho from Brazil.

Inspired on the simplicity of old Atari games as well as the five forces business model and the BCG Matrix, your main goal in the game is to survive the maximum of time you can on the market, fighting and equilibrating all the market forces that act against you. A though one.

This is a MSX1 compatible game, but play it on an MSX2 and you will have prettier graphics.

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Downloads and updates

v1.1 – NTSC/PAL machines detection bug fix

Play online at The File-Hunter