MSXdev21 #4 – Tortilla Sunrise

  • Title: Tortilla Sunrise (Conexion Tortilla)
  • Genre: Adventure, platform
  • Author: Tortilla Yonkers
  • ROM size: 32KB
  • Registered: 20210405

Once upon a time, a girl called Jenny came to Spain to be with her love.

Enjoying tortilla’s, the famous Spanish potato omelettes all the time, everything was fine, until they decided to spend a day at the beach. From there, things suddenly took a wrong turn!
Can you help Jenny find her husband Maté, and solve the mystery behind his sudden disappearance?

The group “Tortilla Yonkers” presents us with an entry which takes us on a perilous adventure, and makes us face remarkable dangers – all in classic platforming style with puzzle elements.
As it’s a lot harder than it looks, this guarantees a lot of playing time!

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Downloads and updates

20210719 updated from v1.0 to v1.1

Play online at The File-Hunter