MSXdev’20 final results are here!

Hi people! After our near-final newspost there’s still one quite important thing to do, and that’s to publish the final results for MSXdev’20, ofcourse!

We realize that we’ve kept you waiting for this, since the official deadline for results was scheduled at September 7th. However, due to our jobs and personal responsibilities we’d been too busy these last days. As we still wished to take our task seriously and issue a fair and balanced jury report, the final results were delayed…

…Until now!

Without any further ado, here you have it: the final report in a PDF file, which we encourage you to read thoroughly, as we tried to motivate our ratings in the most clear and honest way that we could muster.

As you can see at the final score board, it was truly a neck-and-neck race:

Name of the gameTotal points
The Menace from Triton22,5
RELEVO’s Snowboarding22
Stupid Martians20
Yazzie MSX Remastered19,5
l’Abbaye Des Morts18,5
Freedom Fighter18,5
Dot Attack18
Witch Day17,5
Anchors Aweigh17
Chambers of Thyrea14
Find It !12,5
Bloody Mary12
Litter Box11,5

Congratulations and big thanks to all participants. We truly appreciate your work, and we hope you’ll enter the contest in the future!