MSXdev’20: #21 – Bloody Mary

  • Name of the game: Bloody Mary
  • Game size: 16KB
  • RAM size requirements: 8KB
  • Genre: Action
  • Name of the individual involved: 
    • Programmer: Lady DarkBite (Tábata Galvez Angelo).
    • Father and programming instructor: Danilo Angelo.

We like parents that teach their children how to use a computer, but we really love when parents show how to make a game using MSX-BASIC.

Bloody Mary is a good example of that as Danilo Angelo, father, has been teaching his ten years old daughter the MSX-BASIC language and then he encourage her to apply this knowledge in order to make a game. And, finally she made it!

The main objective in the game is to give as many glasses full of blood as you can to the thirsty Mary before time runs out. Problem is that Mary is always changing her position around the screen after a couple of seconds, so we must move the glass very fast to catch up with her to give her her favourite drink.

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