MSXdev’20: #18 – Freedom Fighter 3

  • Name of the game: Freedom Fighter – Rise of The Humans
  • Game size: 128Kb (ASCII 16 mapper)
  • RAM size requirements: 16KB
  • Genre: Shoot-’em-up
  • Names of the individuals involved:
    • Code: Pintus Giuseppe Ettore, aka Geppo, aka thegeps.
    • Music and sound effects: Phaze101.

Everyone frequenting the forums at the MSX Resource Center could follow this development basically from scratch. And boy, was there great interest in how this project would develop!

Talking about scratching – people were scratching their heads, whether this title would make it in time for the ‘dev.

So, we’re proud to tell you, that mister thegeps delivered. We hope you’ll enjoy.

Download and updates



  • Fixed a bug that make the game crash after 5 to 6 plays.

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3 thoughts on “MSXdev’20: #18 – Freedom Fighter

  • Avatar

    Amazing graphics, super smooth scroll, nice music.
    That’s precisely why the lack of a ship destroyed animation is very noticeable… everything else looks very polished.
    Then the enemies and the difficulty need some adjusting, it feels like you can’t really escape some enemy waves, but with that tuning this could be in the same league as Zanac or River Raid.

    • Avatar

      thanks for your feedback. I can’t update the game anymore here (deadline is reached) but I’m inproving the game. There is the v1.2 version available on File Hunter, and I’m working on it to increase playability. I had to be fast to fit the deadlone date so the game hadn’t a proper beta test. I’m quite good and die to the fact that I am able to complete first level without losing a life I thought the game difficulty balance was good. But reading feedbacks I noticed it isn’t. I’ll do something, I promise 😉

      • Avatar

        Oh, yeah, that is a common problem. We play our game soo many times that we are experts at it and it is very hard to imagine how it feels like for beginners 😀
        If you make a level that you have problems completing, then that is meant to be a final boss.
        Looking forward to see following up versions.