MSXdev’20: #15 – l’Abbaye des Morts

  • Name of the game: l’Abbaye des Morts
  • Game size: 256KB
  • RAM size requirements: 16KB
  • Genre: Platform
  • Names of the individuals involved: RetroDeluxe (Enric Geijo), based on the original by Locomalito and music by Gryzor87 (Credits within the game)

A fresh platformer with an unusually morbid plot and setting for the genre has been stirring up the retrogame development scene for quite a while now.

The name of the culprit is “l’Abbaye des Morts”, which translates to “The Abbey of The Dead”.

This quite special kind of platforming adventure, which greatly deals with the subject of death, at first saw life on the IBM PC platform.
It’s inspired by both the tragic history of the Cathars as well as classic platform games for ZX Spectrum computers such as “Manic Miner”, “Jet Set Willy” and “Dynamite Dan”.

Since then, it has been ported to platforms such as the Commodore 64, the Sega Mega Drive and the actual ZX Spectrum, as well as OUYA, Mac and HTML5.

Today, the MSX community gets to enjoy this piece of work on the platform that’s secretly (or not so secretly) still their most favourite one of all.

You guessed it. Thanks to the efforts of RetroDeluxe, “l’Abbaye des Morts” on MSX is finally here!

Download and updates


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Fix issue with Bell being difficult to reach.

Important: We encourage you to follow new updates for this game on its own GitHub page here.