MSXdev’20: #14 – Witch Day

  • Name of the game: Witch Day
  • Game size: 392KB
  • RAM size requirements: 16KB
  • Game genre: Adventure
  • Individuals involved: 
    • Main program: José Soto Gándara (joesg)
    • Testing and translation: Daniel González

Witch Day is an adventure that reminds Zelda and other games. Saying that, we play the role of old lady named Anabel that comes into the town to visit her grandaughter Ángela but something happened as she arrives… After a while, our character wakes up with his memory lost and then she starts looking for Ángela.

Our mission is to find Ángela, so we should walk the whole town talking to people, getting objects to get further as we investigate what is going on here…

We have three basic keys to use during the game: open doors, talk and do actions (push, take, search, etc.). It is important to pay attention to all the screens in order to find clues and directions to complete the adventure.

Witch Day is available in English and Spanish languages. Will you accept the challenge and put your faith to the test? Help this little old lady to find her loved grandaughter.

Downloads and updates


Download not available


  • Now when pushing space key, texts go faster.
  • Some minor text string adjustment.

Download not available


Corrections made in English manual.