MSXdev20 – 8bits4ever first sponsor

As you may know, our MSXdev contest gives you the opportunity to support the contest in two ways: donations and sponsoship. By doing this, you help the contest to be more attractive for potential contestants, and at the same time you’re helping developers to create more wonderful MSX games.

Today, we are happy to announce the first sponsor for MSXdev’20. 8bits4ever, an Spanish hardware maker wishes to give one of his creations to the contest winner: an SD-512 interface.

SD-512 interface
Source: 8bits4ever

This cartridge allows to use up to two SD cards (microSD and a normal size one) in order to work with files in a very fast, clean and comfortable way. It features 512Kb RAM on-board that can be used as a Memory Mapper or Mega-RAM.

Nextor disk operating system is included to access the files inside the storage cards and the device is compatible with all MSX models.

We want to thank 8bits4ever his participation and we encourage people to get involved in MSXdev’20 sponsorship.