MSXdev’20: #11- Relevo’s Snowboarding

  • Name of the game: Relevo’s Snowboarding
  • Size: 48KB
  • RAM size requirements: 8KB
  • Genre: Sports / Racing
  • Name of the group involved: Relevo

Here we have it – the eleventh entry for MSXdev’20 while we are approaching the deadline for contest entries, at the end of this month.

The veteran developers (and former MSXdev organizers) of Relevo enter the contest with a game that reminds us of those good old Konami sports games titles, that we all know so well, as we played them many times back in the days.

This game deals with snowboarding, a fresh sport that we wouldn’t mind to practice right now, as the summer heat is surrounding us. In Relevo’s Snowboarding, we compete in a world championship divided in 16 different stages. The point in every track is to get the highest score while riding our board, doing incredible tricks as we fight against time.

On top of that, there’s an array of different boards to choose from, and we can even customize our player character.

Relevo celebrates its 11th anniversary by entering the MSXdev’20 with its all new 11th production for the MSX system! A tribute to those good old Konami titles from mid 80s such as Antarctic Adventure, Hyper Rally, Sky Jaguar and all those sporty games every MSX users love.

You are about to enter the Relevo Snowboarding World Championship all around the globe! The contest has a total of 16 stages, all of them beautiful and challenging circuits. Configure your snowboarder, select your board and you are ready to go! Use your skills in this wild race against the clock while you master different styles such as slalom and freestyle, and experience speed by riding downhill the most famous resorts in the world! You can even find a mode with a track full of slopes for you to practice your flips and grabs and improve your coolest moves!

If you want a big shot of nostalgia with its Konami look-a-like style while becoming the king of the mountain, do not miss to play this MSXdev’20 entry full of colorful graphics, catchy tunes and smooth gameplay!


Downloads and updates


Download not available


  • Changes on game initialization that increase compatibility when some disk or other interfaces are present in the system or when using different loaders that run code before the game does.
  • Little fix on the scoreboard.