MSXdev’20: #10 – Raftoid

  • Name of the game: Raftoid
  • Game size: Working to be finally 16KB
  • RAM size requirements: 16KB
  • Genre:  Brick Breaker (heavily inspired by Arkanoid)
  • Individuals involved: Raúl Portales (Platty Soft) with some help from bitsofbas

The era and time of this story is mostly unknown. After contact was lost with the mother ship “Arkanoid”, a search and rescue ship “Raftoid” was sent.

It took many years to arrive at the place, only to be warped in space too, just a little different this time.

Game story

Here is a brick breaker like game, inspired in the classic Arkanoid. The mechanics are well know by anyone as we’ve played many times this kind of games: clear all the bricks from the screen to reach the next level.

We also know that in brick breaker games some capsules come out from broken bricks and they give us extra features in order to make our mission easier. In Raftoid there are three different power-up capsule that will double points, glue the ball to the paddle or make the ball pass through bricks after breaking them.

There are 5 levels to beat in this game. Will you beat all of them?

Downloads and updates


Download not available


Some bugs fixed for level 5 (could not be finished and there were “loops”).