MSXdev’20: #08 – Stupid Martians

  • Name of the game: Stupid Martians
  • Game size: 64KB
  • RAM size requirements: 16KB
  • Genre: Shoot’em up (a bit bullet hell)
  • Name of the individuals involved:
    • Code and graphics: Visualedu
    • Music: Bitcaffe
    • Betatesters: Antxiko and Pablibiris

Right after The Menace from Triton gave us some fresh shoot’em up action to chew on, a new shmup appears out of nowhere in this year’s edition:
Stupid Martians.

But don’t be fooled – this game, while sharing the same overall genre, is an entirely different beast. Obviously, it scrolls vertically, not horizontally.
But more importantly, like with “The Menace From Triton”, there’s strategy involved in this one as well, but the emphasys is on strategic combat here.

Where to start? Well, there are three different alien races to defeat, each one from a different planet. We can choose the stage before starting to play.

The game will have you auto-firing by default, but we can switch from wide shoot, narrow shoot or stop shooting.
“Stop shooting”? Yes. In the last position an energy bar will be filled and once full, hitting space bar will equip us with a force field that provides protection against enemy bullets.
Also, there is a second energy bar just below the one mentioned before that gets filled when bullets pass by very close. Once that one’s full, the electromagnetic pulse is available, which alters the direction of incoming enemy projectiles.
We also can use bombs that kill all the enemies on the screen.

That’s not all. As a cool homage to the days of yore, we can plug Konami’s “Salamander” in the second cartridge slot, for increased lives and bombs count.

Recommended to give a go!

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Fix issue with subslots management.