MSXdev’18 final results

Our jury has been working for the last month and finally we can read their words in order to get acquainted with the games participating in this year’s edition of the contest. Many thanks to them, of course, as they are an important part of the contest. The chosen ones were the following: Miikka Poikela, Toni Gálvez, Maarten van Strien (Wolf), David Fernández (Imanok) and Manuel Bilderbeek.

You can read it thoroughly in this page as it is a little bit too lengthy to post right here. Before reading, please note that, while we are grateful for the jury member’s efforts, we do not necessarily share their opinion.

Now let’s meet the winners!

MSX Classic category

We are very happy to announce that the MSXdev’18 contest winner is XRacing! Congratulations to Brain Games and particularly to Santi Ontañón.

XRacing was followed very closely by Virus LPQ-79, with just 0,2 points of difference! Greetings to Pentacour for this second place. At last, Quartet has been awarded with the third place. Kudos to Ilkke & bitsofbas.

XRacing and Quartet have also been awarded for the Best Graphics by our jury, getting the best rating here. Best Gameplay goes to Virus-LPQ79 , Quartet, Bumper Ship Racing and PWND. Concerning music and FX, the best are: XRacing and Virus-LPQ79. The Most Polished Games are Xracing, Virus-LPQ79 and Buddhaghillie. And finally, the Best compatibility goes for three games: Buddhaguillie, Linez and Any Treasure Day.

MSX Freestyle category

We are a little bit surprised that only three games participated in this category. We would like to see more games in future editions. That’s why we encourage developers to make more games for MSX2, MSX2+, using expansions, almost unlimited size, etc. Only imagination is your limit.

Well, after that comment, it is now time to announce the winner: Dreams Puzzle!Congratulations to Mapax for their nice work. The second position is for Shoulder Blade OVERDRIVE, so also congratulations to GW’s Workshop for his work in this game. And the third, is Barbarian The Duel, from Bitvision Software. Good job done in this fighting game. As the authors of Barbarian The Duel declined any prize as they stated previously when this game entered the contest, the third prize for this category is dismissed.

Shoulder Blade OVERDRIVE has the Best gameplay. Dreams Puzzle has the Best graphics and Best sound, while there’s a draw in Most polishing game among Shoulder Blade OVERDRIVE and Barbarian The Duel. Finally, the Best compatibility is for Shoulder Blade OVERDRIVE.

Final results table
Final results table


MSX Classic category:

  1. XRacing: €110
  2. Virus LPQ-79:€66
  3. Quartet: €44

MSX Freestyle:

1. Dreams Puzzle: €110

Just a quick note here concerning this 1st prize. The Dreams Puzzle team kindly decline the money and want us, the MSXdev Team, to use it for MSXdev contest promotion.

Their reason is, literally: we used copyrighted pictures and although we had
permission from the author, we thought this was the more convenient option

Thanks guys, we are sure that all participants will appreciate this action.

MSXdev Team

2. Shoulder Blade OVERDRIVE: €66

Public poll

Concerning to the public poll, we’ve realized the poll system was not immune to abuse.

Therefore we announce that the poll results are void and will not be taken into account for any possible prize of recognition. Sorry for that, we will assure a better system for next contest edition.


We are very pleased with the results of this year’s edition. 15 games were developed for MSX, exclusively for this contest and this is a good thing! All the MSX users are the winners. We can enjoy new games even after more than 35 years have passed.

We hope that in the next edition, more people get involved in the MSX Freestyle category as we think it is a good opportunity to show what our standard is capable of.

Sorry for all the delays in answers, updates and newsposts. We are busy with our real lives and sometimes it’s hard to find a free spot to discuss about MSXdev stuff. We try to do our best. Still, we are happy to keep this contest alive.

We also want to improve MSXdev. If you have any question, suggestion or comment, please write us an e-mail. We will be happy to hear from you.

Without further ado, we hope you will enjoy these fabulous MSX games and, don’t forget to support all these contestants as they keep the standard alive!