MSXdev’18 – 10th entry: GRAVITICA

  • Category: MSX Classic
  • Name of the fame: GRAVITICA
  • Game size / RAM size requirements: 32KB ROM/16KB RAM
  • Genre: Original (STG-like)
  • Name of the individual involved: Yusuke Miyauchi

Yusuke Miyauchi brings us an original game where we control a spaceship which has no attacking capabilities. As we travel along space, there will be annoying lasers chasing us all over the screen, while enemy bullets approach our ship as well while we can not fire any projectiles ourselves.

But, how can this be? Well, the only hope to survive is using our ship power to generate a gravity field around itself in order to pass through the lasers but at the same time we are like a magnet for enemy bullets. We’ll have to find the balance between avoiding lasers and allowing the bullets to approach us… This will not be easy. We have to master this gravity field in order to reach the highest record.

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