MSXdev’18 – 2nd entry: BUDDHAGILLIE

  • Category: MSX Classic
  • Name of the game: BUDDHAGILLIE / 佛陀斬
  • Game size / RAM size requirements for the game: 32Kb / 16Kb
  • Game genre: Shoot’em up
  • Name of the group: Nobuaki Washio, GW’s-Workshop

Prince Shiddhartha made a vow, to make all sentient beings my equal without any difference

The second entry for the contest comes as an action game that features swordplay. Here, we take on the role of the Buddha while travelling through 6 realms: Hell, Hunger, Animals, Asuras, Humans, Gods and Nirvana. In each realm we will encounter enemies like Birth, Aging, Sickness, Death and Karma and, at the end, a big boss we will have to defeat.

Releases history



  • Re-tuned sprite indicator. Visibility of enemies’ bullet is a few percent improved.
  • Added a new character Devadatta, who comes if Buddha keep battling against formation for a long time.
  • Added a new feature; enemies’ speed in 6th realm is maximized after 16 formations coming, due to prevent threefold repetition.
  • Decreased the durability of 5th realm boss after loop 2. It seems to have been too difficult.
  • Fixed a minor bug; the time counter for continuous-play was not functional in the case of playing by joystick.
  • Fixed a minor bug; Buddha could shoot enemies after gameover was judged. As the result the game would be restart with playing gameover BGM if the score reached to every 100,000 pts.
  • Fixed a minor bug; if Buddha defeated 5th realms boss while coming from the right edge of the screen, the explosional animation might be wrong.
  • Fixed a minor bug; the game would be crashed if continue after gameover while Jesus coming.