MSXdev’17 #09 – Magical Tower Adventure

  • Name of the game:Magical Tower Adventure
  • Category: MSX Classic
  • Game size / RAM size requirements for the game: 32KB ROM / 16KB RAM
  • Game genre : dungeon crawler
  • Name of the group: Timmy
  • Contact e-mail: timmy_2038 AT

Here’s the 9th contest entry. It’s an MSX port from a ZX Spectrum dungeon crawler game released in 2016, but this time a lot of code has been rewritten.

Guide the hero through 10 levels filled with monsters. Find your way collecting and using keys, fight enemies or avoid them. It’s up to you to survive and reach the top of the Tower.

There is a story of a Tower somewhere in the evil lands, filled with monsters and other magical creatures. Many fighters have entered but no one came back. There are many rumours about treasures and princesses but no one really knows.

This time a new Hero arrived at the Magical Tower, and he will need all the help he can get to kill the boss at the top level of the Tower.