MSXdev’17 #03 – ΧΙ∧∃Χ

  • Category: MSX Freestyle
  • Name of the game: ΧΙ∧∃Χ (Zevimodoki)
  • Game size / RAM size: 64KB ROM / 64KB RAM / 64KB VRAM
  • Game genre: Shoot’em up
  • Name of the group: GW’s-Workshop
  • Contact e-mail: ghost4outside AT

ΧΙ∧∃Χ (Zevimodoki) is a homage to the Namco classic Xevious.

This game harbours some easter eggs after the example of its inspirator. The author thinks he should keep them a surprise for players, but that the jury team should know about it. He left it to MSXdev’17 staff’s choice whether to disclose the following information to the public, so we decided to hide said info under a spoiler warning.

Spoiler alert!

  1. A betrayer – At the beginning of level 6, 10, 14… after each 4 levels, a betrayer is coming up with a warning sound ringing. It just looks like spinning three balls. He intends to take side with the player. If maneuvering him well, he will fly in orbit around the player and destroy enemies’ bullets; 500pts. per bullet. However a player can shoot him down and be brought down by collision. This is just a hommage to Brag Spario of Xevious. You can see the hint of this situation at the end of the coast area as a graffiti on the sand shore.
  2. A hidden boss – If certain conditions are met, a hidden boss is coming up after beating a floating fortress off at the end of level 8, 12, 16…

These conditions are as follows:

  • A betrayer brings down one bullet at least. That means establishing communication between the player and the betrayer, and then the player gets information about the hidden boss.
  • The player completely destroys a battle ship at the midpoint of the level. That means a hidden boss deems it necessary to go on a mission by himself.
  • The player destroys the floating fortress before it begins retreating. You can see the hint of this situation at the end of the blue crater area as a graffiti on the left side cliff. A player gets the following special bonuses by bringing it down:
    • Difficulty decreases.
    • Score counter keeps increasing till the game is over.




  • Implemented sprite rotator. It improves disappearance of horizontal sprites, especially enemies’ bullets.
  • Added a new enemy; type-B.
  • It is equivalent to GARU ZAKATO of XEVIOUS.
  • Implemented MSX version check while loading. Thanks to Vampier @MRC for his intelligent quip.
  • Fixed enemies’ three direction fire bug.