MSXdev’17 Wash Man Announced

Here comes a new challenger!

  • Name of the game: Wash Man
  • Name of the group: DreamQuick Studio
  • Game size / RAM size requirements for the game: 32kB ROM (SCC mapper)
  • Game genre: Arcade
  • Contact e-mail: dreamquick AT

An MSX-BASIC game with small assembler routines.

Our main character is a Chinese guy who is in charge of washing all of the clothing in a hotel building. He has to enter different rooms in order to collect the clothes and take them to the laundry located at the basement.

The doors must be open in order to enter the rooms. Once inside, our character has to avoid enemies and collect the clothes.

Pay attention to the color of the washing machines and don’t make any mistake. Once the clothes are clean, take them back to the rooms where they belong to.

To finish the level you have to wash all the clothing of the apartments an then reach the roof. Using the umbrella jump off and land into the van.

According to its author, this game is still in beta state (v.0.60).

Download link removed according to its author willing.