MSXdev’15: Changes, results and winners!!! 2

After the notice I posted on this website some weeks ago, there were a lot of reactions on the internet. Some of them agreed with my decision of declaring the contest null, some others didn’t. After reading all those reactions I started to think that we should find a good solution in order to show respect to the effort made by the people involved in the MSXdev’15 contest.

So, John Hassink and I tried to find a way to deal with this.

Jury changes

Among the designated jury, only one person didn’t do his job; he was literally missing in action. The reports from Paco Santos Ramírez and Bart van Velzen were lost in the inbox folder, and I didn’t read them until John showed them to me. To complete a functional jury, we decided to assign two new members: John Hassink and David Fernández.

So, the jury members are the following:

  • Gameplay: David Fernández
  • Graphics: David Fernández, Paco Santos Ramírez, John Hassink
  • Sound: David Fernández, Maarten van Strien
  • Polishing: David Fernández, Bart van Velzen
  • Originality: David Fernández


Concerning the prizes, we received a total amount of €544 from donations, and we have decided to award three categories:

  • Best Game: €300
  • Best Graphics: €122
  • Best Sound: €122

I owe you an apology

I wish to admit my mistake of having rushed posting the notice on I was very disappointed at that moment, and I felt very bad.

I would like to apologize to Paco Santos Ramírez, Bart van Velzen, OXiAB Game Studio, N.I., Relevo Videogames, EGS/Kitmaker, and all of the MSX community.

I want to thank John Hassink for his support, his work and his commitment to this contest.

Having said that, it is time to share with you the final results of the MSXdev’15 contest!

MSXdev’15 results

MSXdev'15 - Final results

We have prepared a complete report in PDF format which you can download and read by clicking on the following icon:

Download Icon

Here are the winners:

  • The prize for Best Game goes to BitLogic with an overall rating of 6,79.
  • The prize for Best Graphics goes to Wing Warriors, with an overall rating of 8,2.
  • The prize for Best Sound goes to Ninja Savior, with an overall rating of 8.

In addition to this, and only serving as information:

  • Best Gameplay and Most Polished: BitLogic.
  • Most Original: Ninja Savior.

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all of the participants!

We look forward to see you in the next edition of the MSXdev contest in september 2016.

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2 thoughts on “MSXdev’15: Changes, results and winners!!!

  • MSXdev Team
    MSXdev Team

    We’d like to clear some questions made by users about the jury and prizes changes in this edition of the contest:

    Q: Do the jury members are obliged to finish the games or to play a couple of hours at least, or they just take a quick look at the games?
    A: We don’t give any instruction to the jury members about how long they have to play a game. We trust they play enough time to emit a fair verdict.

    Q: Why did you changed the prizes if the problem was only concerning the jury members? Are these topics related with each other? Was this decision made just for please everyone?
    A: That was an internal decision of the MSXdev Team taken when working on looking for new jury members. We think that the contest with three prizes is more competitive.