Important notice about MSXdev’15

I,José Andrés (aka Konamito), I issue this statement unilaterally as a member of MSXdev Team.

Due to the lack of commitment shown by the judges chosen to evaluate the games presented to competition and therefore do not have the ratings of each of them, I have decided to declare the MSXdev’15 contest null. That is, there is no winner officially.

This is no time to load blame against others. Nor do I want to. I take responsibility for not bringing to fruition this contest. I think I should have been more insistent on encouraging people involved to participate. Furthermore, the communication has not been sufficiently fluid nor constant.

All these factors have caused great disappointment in me. I did not expect such a poor feedback from the international MSX community. I think the competition MSXdev not deserve a treatment like that.

I want to apologize to the participants. They have taken the time to publish their games and have behaved beautifully at all times. There is not a single reproach for them.

Although there is no winner, I decided to reward the four participants with a souvenir plate (by the cumulative total € 545.19) and distribute the remainder of the amount collected among participants.

I promise you will MSXdev’16 See you in September!